BREAKING NEWS! . . . Dec 18 Sarawak election undemocratic, not perfected in law . . .

Dec 18 Sarawak election undemocratic, not perfected in law . . .

Winners must get at least 51 per cent of votes counted for legitimacy.

It isn’t true that Washington is behind the current unrest in Kazakhstan.

We have seen the same protests in India, for example. Farmers took to the streets for months in protest against three Agriculture Bills. No surrender no compromise Modi was forced to withdraw the three Bills which were ostensibly designed to modernise Agriculture.

Big business, including foreign, would have pushed out the small independent farmer under the three Bills.

It was an attack on democracy.

On Jan 6 last year in Washington, more than a million people descended on Capitol Hill as a People’s Movement for electoral integrity.

Under the guise of the pandemic, special circumstances, there was no electoral integrity in US 2020.

In law, a line must be drawn somewhere, lest Pandora’s Box opens.

No court will allow the floodgates to open.

The Supreme Court of the US did not hear Applications and Petitions on electoral integrity, the basis of the US Constitution.

The US Supreme Court left it to the states — legislature and election officials — to conduct the US 2020 presidential elections. It said that every vote must be counted.

Trump obtained 76m votes, the highest ever by a sitting US President.

Biden obtained “mathematically impossible” 81m votes although he didn’t campaign and spoke mostly at virtually empty parking lots of shopping malls and supermarkets.

The majority of the states, in the wake of US 2020, have enacted laws to ensure electoral integrity.

Biden plans a Federal Bill to ensure voting rights.The US Supreme Court has already Ruled that the states must conduct the US Presidential election.

The electoral college system, which picks the US President, is based in the states.

The popular votes don’t pick the US President.

Biden became President because he secured the electoral college in six swing states where there was allegedly no electoral integrity.

Integrity can be defined as doing no wrong even when no one was looking.

Democracy isn’t about voting once in four years and going home and sleeping.

Democracy only works if the people form Movements, between elections, on every issue and take to the streets if the gov’t closes the door to dialogue or the court denies hearing the People’s Petitions.

Having said that, it has been the policy of Washington, no matter who comes or goes, to support Opposition movements worldwide on human rights issues while doing business with the gov’t of the day.

Besides political parties, Opposition includes NGO and media, among others.

Human rights is the basis of international law.

International law arises from international customary practices.

Under international law, if gov’t cannot be changed by elections, the people have lost their sovereignty to a handful of control freaks in power.

It’s the obligation, responsibility and duty of the international community to restore sovereignty to a people who have lost it.

The gov’t in Sarawak, for example, hasn’t changed since 1966 when the Federal gov’t ousted Chief Minister Stephen Kalong Ningkan from power, twice within weeks. Ningkan was from SNAP.

No Iban has been Chief Minister of Sarawak after Tawi Sli from Pesaka briefly replaced Ningkan.

Pesaka is a component of PBB which leads the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) coalition.

The Dec 18 Sarawak election wasn’t perfected in law. There’s no legitimacy.

The Dec 18 election in Sarawak was the most undemocratic in the history of Malaysia.

GPS won less than half the 82 seats at stake with less than 51 per cent of the votes counted.

No election runoffs were held as elewhere in the world, between the top two contenders, in the seats where the winners obtained less than 51 per cent of the seats counted.

GPS is an undemocratic pre-election coalition which circumvents the democratic process, by endorsing elite power sharing through seat sharing, and denies the grassroots majority meaningful participation in elections.

Pre-election coalitions are not allowed in democratic countries.

Even the Chinese Communist Party elections are more democratic than the Sarawak election on Dec 18.

No one is allowed to win these elections with less than 51 per cent of the votes counted.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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