BREAKING NEWS! . . . No surprise if Najib returns as PM . . .

No surprise if Najib returns as PM . . .

It will be poetic justice before or after GE15.

Principles are important. Man does not live by bread alone.

The BoozeGate or PartyGate controversy will not end until there’s closure.

An apology will not be sufficient.

There’s no way that Turkish-origin Boris Johnson can SpinGate out of BoozeGate or PartyGate. If Boris Johnson continues, he will be mortally wounded.

Boris Johnson has lost any credibility he had.

Rishi Sunak, as British PM, will plug the UK into the Indian economy and the Commonwealth and away from Europe and America.

The West, with an eye on history, will not fail to seize on a ‘freak situation’ and take the road less travelled.

That’s how Obama became US President, Trump US President, and Kamala Harris US Vice President.

Trump said that he would not have become US President if not for Obama. The US went from one extreme to another, diplomacy to strongman.

Trump will probably become US President again in US 2024, this time because of Kamala Harris.

Americans are not ready to elect a female President. They think the Presidency is a man’s job especially in a nation like the US.

If so, it may be the first time in US history that a “defeated” US President returns and becomes President again. Trump might even become President in US 2028.

No one has become US President for three terms.

A Trump presidency for another eight years will change US and world history forever.

Trump ended the UK and US Special Relationship.

He put in place a global security framework which confined NATO, Germany and France to Europe and elevated India, China, Russia and Japan.

Australia, Singapore (replacing Malaysia) and Vietnam were given minor roles in the Indo-Pacific Theatre but confined to the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea.

Indonesia deferred to India in the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea.

History is about leadership.

Before Trump returns, Kamala Harris might finish Biden’s term as US President. That would be another “freak” situation created by Biden quitting office half-way, probably after the US midterms in 2022.

Biden has slipped many times in public on national TV and referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as President. He never corrected himself.

The media glossed over the incidents.

Kamala Harris will make history as US President by default.

In Malaysia, Wan Azizah could have been Selangor MB before GE14 and PM twice, after GE14, i.e on Thurs 10 May 2018 and Mon 24 Feb 2020.

The Selangor sultan had no sense of history before GE14.

The Agong recognised Wan Azizah on Thurs 10 May 2018 and again on Mon 24 Feb 2020.

Mahathir and DAP did not have a sense of history in 2018.

Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and DAP did not have a sense of history in 2020.

Anwar Ibrahim had a “dog in the manger” approach in 2020. It’s difficult to see him as PM before or after GE15.

After Wan Azizah it will take another 50 years for a woman to be MB, CM or PM.

It’s more likely that Najib Abdul Razak will return as PM before or after GE15.

It will be poetic justice before or after GE15.

There wasn’t any proof in the media or in court that funds were misappropriated from 1MDB.

Misappropriation of funds were allegedly fairy tales created by the media, an unthinking animal, manipulated by the Opposition.

For example, the High Court of Malaya recently directed that RM100m seized from Umno be returned to the party after the AGC could not prove the money was from 1MDB.

There are many government agencies and companies holding government guarantees.

The government, under guarantees, is responsible for the liabilities of 1MDB.

If 1MDB’s IPO had gone through, the government does not have to pay 1MDB loans. The Opposition, in cahoots with the media, allegedly sabotaged the IPO exercise.

1MDB wasn’t mentioned in the various out of court settlements in jurisdictions overseas. The settlements were without prejudice.

1MDB can only be mentioned if there were criminal cases related to the Company.

There were none.

There were no civil action cases on money laundering related to 1MDB. If there were such cases, 1MDB could not be mentioned.

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[19/01, 19:58] +60 12-280 8302:


Was and is Najib sorry when he was caught and now convicted?

No not a trace of guilt and worst still, corrupting the future generations with his Malu Apa bossku….

( AND those that are cooking up stories to defend him are either stupid or worse then the robber Najib)

[19/01, 19:58] +60 12-280 8302:

In law, those who accuse must prove it.

Getting personal and highly offensive isn’t the way forward.

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