BREAKING NEWS! . . . Ismail Sabri history, Najib returns sooner or later . . .

Ismail Sabri history, Najib returns sooner or later.

Umno can kick out Ismail Sabri any time, he can’t be partyless PM.

Europe is history as it isn’t inclusive. Russia is still relevant. Japan remains relevant.

The Middle East will continue to be in chaos and trouble the world.

India will not allow China to be far ahead of it in the space race or other important areas no matter what the Debate in the social media.

India can beat any nation in the world by pacing. No problem, whether poverty or the economy, can stop it.

It’s safer for India to pace other nations on everything rather than lead the way.

In that way, it conserves energy.

The track and field events provide examples. It’s always the 3rd or 2nd runner which will breast the tape first.

Both the 2nd and 3rd runners conserve energy as they run.

The 1st runner has no comparison to conserve energy. Keeping just ahead of the 2nd runner does not conserve energy. There’s even greater stress as the 1st runner has to keep looking back at the 2nd runner.

India is the new player on the global security framework, and plagued by the cursed Hindu evil caste system, provides America with a steady flow of expatriates. Only India can restrain America on Russia, China, Iran and in many other areas based on the rule of law and international law.

Indonesia defers to India on the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea.

Singapore is a key player in the Straits of Malacca and has replaced Malaysia on the South China Sea. Washington knows that Malaysia won’t stand up to Beijing on the South China Sea.

Australia and Vietnam have become important players in the South China Sea.

China will fail on assuming leadership of the world. It does not subscribe to the rule of law.

Even if it subscribes to the rule of law, it will not assume world leadership. Chinese culture frowns on individualism. Like Malaysia and Singapore, Beijing will belabour in the delusion that the letter of the law, by itself, is the sum total of the rule of law.

It does not allow a free flow of thoughts. It denies free speech and the right of reply, violates human rights and the media exercises self-censorship, and imposes censorship.

Having said that, China is important for the world. China is a great nation and the Chinese a great people.

A prosperous China will be good for the world including India and America.

China is an important player in the US-led global security framework along with India, Russia and Japan.

What America does in June 2022, or later, on the pandemic may show the Way Forward on the pandemic. What other nations do on the pandemic is irrelevant.

Only America, based on the free flow of thoughts, can provide leadership. America is God’s Gift to the World.

Whether America succeeds or fails to find the Way Forward in June 2022, Biden is history. He’s barking up the wrong tree with the Voting Rights Bill. The issue is electoral integrity, not Voting Rights.

The Voting Rights Bill is euphemism to prevent electoral integrity.

Malaysia and Ismail Sabri should take note on June 2022 in Washington.

Ismail Sabri’s fate does not depend on PAS and the MoU with PH. His fate will be decided by Najib Razak, Umno President, Umno Supreme Council and Umno General Assembly.

He can be kicked out by the party. It may happen sooner rather than later. Umno is better than Ismail Sabri.

American believe BIG STEAL US 2020 is true.

They want electoral integrity in the US midterms 2022 and US 2024.

They want to get back their life. They no longer want to hear about novel Corona virus, pandemic, testing, vaccination, and masked Mandate.

Washington, Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Science, DATA, doctors, epidemiologists, Fauci, Sanjay Gupta, Gates and CNN have FAILED on the pandemic.

It’s the unsanitised hand that infects when it touches something that anyone with virus on the hand touches and rubs the face, touching the mouth, nose and hands.

Infection exposes the immune system to the virus and brings natural immunity after recovery.

The vaccine cannot protect the body from the novel Corona virus if the hands are unsanitised.

The vaccine is about artificial immunity but it isn’t 100 per cent. New variants of concern may reduce the effectiveness of vaccine.

American are not interested in the Democratic and CNN Mantra on the BIG LIE on US 2020.

Read here . . .

Separation of Church and state.

Vaccination . . .

After Mon 24 Feb 2020, the prospects of the DAP taking over the Federal gov’t no longer exist unless it returns to its roots . . . Malaysian Malaysia based on democratic socialism.

In GE14, DAP was about taking over the Federal gov’t behind a Malay face.

Principles matter.

Man does not live by bread alone.

DAP must be about do or die, win or lose, to get anywhere.

Half the DAP members must be Malay, 10 per cent Orang Asal and Orang Asli, 40 per cent Indian, Chinese and Others.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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