BREAKING NEWS! . . . Shang, China’s 1st Dynasty, had ‘black and oily skin’ . . .

During Kublai Khan’s time, paintings show that two of the 12 tribes in China were still dark-skinned.

BREAKING NEWS! . . . Shang, China’s 1st Dynasty, had ‘black and oily skin’ . . .

Chinese sage Lao-Tze was ‘black in complexion’.

During Kublai Khan’s time, paintings show that two of the 12 tribes in China were still dark-skinned.

If Negro people get into a swimming pool, white Caucasian would immediately get out. They fear that the black colour of the Negro would rub off on them.

Likewise, Brahmin and other caste Hindu don’t do charity. They are afraid the Karma of the lesser mortals would rub off on them.

Helen Fernandez,

It’s important to read widely, mull over, and connect the dots from Memory.

All knowledge exists. There’s Discovery (by calculations) and Revelation (by Inspiration). Mathematics and Physics are the nearest to God.

The Holy Bible, the Word of God, says, “Knock and the doors will be opened to you, seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive”.

The Holy Bible, the Word of God, states that “for those who have more (knowledge), more will be given to them. For those who have little (knowledge), even the little that they have, will be taken away from them”.

Jesus said, “they have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear. But to you (Disciples) is given to know what men do not know”.

It has been written that Jesus divulged many spiritual secrets to the Disciples. The Holy Bible, the Word of God, is about the spiritual nature of truth.

Word of God does not mean that God came down and said something.

Word of God means eternal laws based on eternal truth.

All the laws of science are Word of God.

Karma, the law of cause and effect, is the 1st eternal law based on eternal truth.

Jesus explained truth (emancipation from ignorance) and faith (seeing things that can exist).

Truth combined with faith and commitment (not giving up) takes us to the Destination.

The Word of God and God are synonymous. There’s no God separate from Word of God.

The mind isn’t only in the brain but permeates the whole body.

The mind is quite capable of deceiving us. It may be all about keeping us “sane”.

The Latin cogito, ergo sum, usually translated into English as “I think, therefore I am”, is the “first principle” of René Descartes’s philosophy.

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create . . . Buddha

Zakir Naik belabours in delusions. Science has left out delusions from the list of mental illnesses.

He does not look at the whole story but only parts of the story that suits his convenience. Life isn’t black and white only but mostly come in various shades of grey. There are exceptions, qualifiers, caveats, ifs and buts.

He compares Islam and another religion, the comparison being based wholly on ignorance, and rubbishes the latter.

That’s his recipe for cheap entertainment. He collects a lot of money. So many gullible people contribute to him. India went for the jugular vein and used money laundering laws to freeze, seize and forfeit assets.

If Zakir Naik returns to India, he will be handed over to Bangladesh. He may be hung. Zakir Naik has been implicated in terrorist attacks in Dacca.

Hindu and Buddhist also belabour in delusions.

The mind, awareness, consciousness, universe, God and the great spirit in nothingness are all one and the same.

There’s no soul, individual, ego, I.

The spirit is ONE.

Nov Velan, I don’t get into religion, belief systems, delusions, ethics, moral values, theology, sin, God, justice, truth or civilisational values like Dharma.

I only focus on the rule of law and eternal laws based on eternal truth.

I may also focus on the nature of human relationships and how they can, may and should be regulated.

The Hindu evil caste system, for example, distorts Karma and artificially prohibits upward social mobility.

The Hindu evil caste system has imposed poverty on millions of people for thousands of years.

In 1947, the Indian Constitution outlawed the Hindu evil caste system.

In law, there can be no discrimination.

Discrimination is a violation of international law.

Human rights is the basis of international law.

International law arises from international customary practices.

International law has Application in national law.

India pays lip service to the rule of law. It’s still plagued by the Hindu evil caste system. In fact, India is still ruled by the Hindu evil caste system.

Just look at the matrimonial ads in Indian newspapers. These ads not only mention caste but the colour of the skin.

White Caucasian are considered “Brahmin” under the Hindu evil caste system.

Brahmin in India claim to be pure Aryan.

In fact, Aryan are descended from Albino Dravidian (dark skinned Caucasoid) in north India.

Aryan are from India. Dravidian came from outside. They first appeared in history in the Greek islands and made their way eventually to India. The Dravidian can still be found in the entire region from Greece to Afghanistan. They also entered southern China from Afghanistan and specialised as Mongoloids. These Mongoloids received a new influx of Dravidian from south India.

During Kublai Khan’s time, paintings show that two of the 12 tribes in China were still dark-skinned.

The Shang, for example, China’s first dynasts, are described as having “black and oily skin.” The famous Chinese sage Lao-Tze was “black in complexion.”

Under the Hindu evil caste system, those who marry outside the caste are declared Pariah i.e. casteless/outcaste. In the north, Pariah are also known as Dalit and Harijan (children of God).

Brahmin (priest caste) who cross the waters are also declared Pariah. All the Brahmin in America, for example, have been declared Pariah.

The Tamil Hindu Brahmin mother of US Vice President Kamala Harris was declared Pariah went she went to the US.

She was declared double Pariah when she married a half Scot half Jamaican.

Kamala Harris is a triple Pariah.

Only the Supreme Court of India upholds the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.

New Delhi recently announced that the Pariah would be trained to be priests in Hindu temples.

They are prohibited from having their own temples i.e. just for Pariah.

Brahmin, to make up for their sins under the Hindu evil caste system, should be sentenced to community service by the Supreme Court of India for two weeks in a year for life. They should be made to do the same dirty, difficult, dangerous, demeaning, humiliating and polluting jobs the Pariah were forced to do for thousands of years. These include working with the dead and removing faeces with their bare hands from traditional toilets.

Hindu, living in fear of a distorted version of Karma, avoid doing charity like the plague. They fear that the Karma of lesser mortals will rub off on them.

Likewise, if Negro people get into a swimming pool, white Caucasian would immediately get out. They fear that the black colour of the Negro would rub off on them.

The Church in India has become synonymous with works of charity and education.

That has invited attacks on the Church. These attacks are allegedly carried out by Hindu fanatics linked with the ruling BJP Party in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who comes from the tea seller caste, has so far not condemned these attacks. This further emboldens the Hindu fanatics with his party.

Modi doesn’t comment on these attacks on Churches.

Seventy per cent of the lawmakers in India are Brahmin. In fact, they should be declared Pariah since they no longer are priests. Many of them have also crossed the waters. There are also many who married outside the caste.

Ninety nine per cent of those in national media are Brahmin.

Only 12m of the 1.3b people in India are Brahmin.

About 40 per cent of Indian are Pariah.

New Delhi claims that only 20 per cent of the people are Pariah.

Hindu pundaman said, ‘rule of law does not exist, it’s whiteman’s BS’.

He ran to court after being terminated.

Hindu pundaman come to my Blog, call me pundaman and other names, and post derogatory comments!

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

One thought on “BREAKING NEWS! . . . Shang, China’s 1st Dynasty, had ‘black and oily skin’ . . .”

  1. BREAKING NEWS! . . . Shang, China’s 1st Dynasty, had ‘black and oily skin’ . . .

    BREAKING NEWS! . . . Shang, China’s 1st Dynasty, had ‘black and oily skin’ . . .

    Chinese sage Lao-Tze was ‘black in complexion’.

    Admin, Shang Dynasty having ‘black and oily skin’ isn’t controversial!

    Thanaletchmy Gengadaran,

    I am writing for people to rebut.

    I only mentioned ZN briefly.

    Hardly anyone reads my Blog pieces in full because they are so long.

    Even if they read, they don’t rebut.

    I don’t know whether they can’t rebut.

    Many people may not write.

    Vanakam brother,

    I noted your disagreement, the removal of your post, and the reasons given for it.

    I was reading your post.

    The start was all good and the contents were in fact having powerful messages. I was indeed impressed with your articulation, expression, and various references.

    However, the middle part of it has made reference to a religious preacher in Malaysia in specific. That subject matter and matters evolving around that particular individual are highly controversial. It would in turn attract intense public argument, disagreement, and disapproval. I have personally come across on social media of public outrage and it gets to a point where it becomes so unpleasant for eyes to see and read. Awareness of it and such happenings is good enough for me and I don’t want to be part of the debate. I also suddenly do not want to have a flood of comments of people addressing that individual which would be all negative in nature. This in turn will bring down the positive vibes, energies, and contents that I wish to maintain in the group.

    I personally had undergone turmoil, challenges, and accusations in my life in Malaysia. A daunting and costly experience with the Malaysian court process, order, and cost.

    Also, working very hard in healing myself and doing my level best to change my situation from negative to positive.

    At the same time, trying to assist family members who are connected to me by blood and by marriage.

    I live in the UK. I work in many different time zones to meet the demands of life.

    My time, energy and resources are far stretched. I did not have any plans to create a group such as this but the life experiences that I had gone through have brought me to the current position where I am.

    What I am doing at present is part of my spiritual journey and for my spiritual growth.

    I have explained the group rules in my post albeit very much later on after I created the group.

    I did this as soon as I saw a swear word in one of the comments of another member’s post.

    The other reason, I gave to you was that at a later part of your blog post – I noted a swear word was used.

    Tamil swear word starting with “P….”.

    I am learning Tamil to read, write and speak in “formal Tamil” now.

    So, correct me if I have mistaken my Tamil vocabulary word. That particular word has rekindled my childhood memories which were not pleasant – tenants shouting to each other, swearing to each other, and fighting with each other.

    I personally don’t use any swear words be it in Tamil or English.

    It is also not possible in today’s world to escape from hearing such words or totally escape from having such experiences as a victim.

    Even many small children in England are using swear words and that is indeed a cultural shock for me.

    I like to keep this group safe, positive, and in high vibrational.

    You are welcome, to share matters of social and public concerns.

    But be mindful of the choice of words used.

    I have personally shared your work with others and I am happy to share as long it is in confirmation with what I have outlined here.

    I am a mother of two children and one child has special needs.

    I am caring for family members with serious health issues who are not sharing the same roof (they are in Malaysia and in India).

    This is in addition to having three family members under the same roof.

    I don’t have a lot of spare time to draft content at the moment in time.

    I also don’t intend to repeat myself on the information which I have shared in my earlier posts.

    I do not want any sour feelings with you, my dear brother.

    I have just happened to become your friend on Facebook and some of your writings are of benefit to the society and community.

    I take this opportunity to seek forgiveness if I have upset you in any way.

    I welcome you to share your skills, knowledge, and your positive messages to society at large.

    Any positive awareness campaign/write-up is also acceptable.

    At times, telling the “truth” is not always pleasant to read and I am aware of it.

    The naked truth is absolutely brutal for eyes, ears, and heart to digest.

    God bless you brother in all your future undertakings.

    I look forward to hearing from you again with no hard feelings.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Thanaletchmy Gengadaran


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