Many people still missing the point, Malay should not be mentioned in polite society

The politics of distraction . . .

Malay politics is based on supporting anything that non-Malays oppose and opposing anything that non-Malays support.

There’s no formula for peaceful co-existence.

There are only temporary “ceasefires”.

It’s all about the politics of distraction to divert public attention from the real issues of the day and gov’t.

Main Belakang has been silent so far on the khat/Jawi issue.

Khat/Jawi is a distraction from sex videos/PM succession issues.

Mazlee is the Minister of Distractions under the guise of Education.

Jawi is based on Farsi and Arabic.

Any language can be written in Jawi.

Utusan Melayu killed Jawi by closing down.

Jawi was previously introduced in schools but fizzled out. It was a case of “hangat hangat tahi ayam”.

Utusan Malaysia ran weekly columns on Jawi and then stopped it.

Bahasa Kebangsaan, Article 152, is not in Jawi but Rumi i.e. Roman letters.

Bahasa Melayu was originally in Indian script as in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. The French changed the Indian script in Vietnam to Roman letters.

Chinese language uses characters.

The rule of law . . .

The rule of law is the basis of the Constitution.

Religion does not enter the picture.

Don’t make up stories!

Where does it state in the Constitution that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia?

Official means gov’t.

There’s no official religion in Malaya and no religion in Sabah and Sarawak under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

The Federal gov’t has no religion.

Islam is the religion of the sultans.

They preside over the spiritual affairs of the local ummah.

The Definition of Malay . . .

The British colonialists seized Orang Asli land in Malaya to create gov’t reserves by gazette.

Some of these reserves were given to Muslim squatters, labelled Malay for administrative reasons, to get them out of the way where the British wanted to plant rubber and mine tin.

The Malays referred to these gov’t reserves as “tanah Melayu”.

Tanah Melayu is a misnomer for Orang Asli land the British seized to create gov’t reserves.

Besides Article 8, the Orang Asli in Malaya can also refer to Article 5 “right to life” and Article 13 “property rights”.

The Orang Asli came 40, 000 years before the Malayan gov’t. The Negrito (Semang) came from Kerala, south west India.

The Malayan gov’t cannot claim, in law, that the Orang Asli are squatting on state land.

Many people are still missing the point.

Malay should not be mentioned in polite society.

Language is no proof of race. I speak English as my primary language. That doesn’t make me an Englishman.

The Malay language was the lingua franca in the Archipelago before the advent of the West in the region.

Lingua franca means a language used by various communities, all having their mother tongues, to communicate with each other in a common medium.

The Malay language has also been carried to the Cocos Keeling Islands, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Surinam in Latin America.

If ever a Malay people existed in the Archipelago, i.e. speaking the Malay language as their mother tongue, it’s not reflected under the 1st prong in the Definition of Malay in Article 160 of the Federal Constitution.

There’s no evidence of a Malay race, so to speak, speaking only Malay. Every Malay speaker, i.e. those classified as Malay, has his mother tongue i.e. Malayalam, Tamil, Bugis, Minang etc

Generally, the Malays in Article 160 are Tamil, Malayalee, Pathan, Yemeni and Turks (only adherents of Islam among these communities, from India, were re-classified as Malays); and Bugis, Javanese, Minang, and Aceh (only adherents of Islam among these communities, from what is now known as Indonesia, were re-classified as Malays).

Briefly, the Definition holds that Muslims able to speak Malay, and either born or domiciled in Singapore or Malaya, by Merdeka 31 Aug 1957, are Malay.

Their descendants are also Malay.

Patently, the Definition is not about DNA, race, history, geographical origin, Natekaran, Valiangkati, First Nation people, Orang Asal, Indigenous, Aborigine, Native, rumpun Melayu, Kepulauan Melayu, Nusantara, Archipelago or Austronesian.

Hence, it’s a contradiction in terms to speak in the Definition’s 2nd prong of those in the 1st prong practising Malay culture, customs, and traditions. The issue is not only subjective but highly debatable.

Needless to say, the so-called Malays defined in Article 160 were not the first people in Malaya.

Orang Asli . . .

Again, the Orang Asli came to Malaya 40, 000 years ago.

They have ancestral and historical property rights. Adat, based on customary practices, has force of law.

The Perak state gov’t only existed since Merdeka, 31 Aug 1957.

In law, the gov’t cannot backdate legislation to say the Orang Asli are squatting on state land.

The Negrito came to Malaya from Kerala, southwest India, 40, 000 years ago. Negrito went from east Africa to India 70, 000 years ago.

The descendants of the Negrito still live in the mountains in Kerala.

Kanis, Uralis, Kadar, Kanikkar, and Paniyar, the major tribes who inhabit the mountains of Kerala, are descendants of the Negrito.

The Negrito are still there in Malaya. They are still there in Sumatra, south Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines. They came from Malaya.

The Negrito have been assimilated in Borneo.

Austronesians only appeared in history about 6, 000+ years ago.

The Tamils from southeast India were the first people in Malaya after the Negrito from Kerala, southwest India.

Malay unity . . .

Malay unity, like after May 13, is history.

There has never been Malay unity.

The ruling elite used the ISA to destroy Malay Opposition parties and called it Malay unity.

At the same time, they fostered as many non-Malay political parties as possible. Today, most of these parties are history. Non-Malays will not support them.

Mahathir knows the Malays will never unite.

He wants to get Malay political parties together in PH to form the single largest block in gov’t.

The non-Malays in PH will be in three parties viz. DAP, PKR and Hindraf.

If push comes to shove, Azmin & Co may join Bersatu. This will include PKR in Sarawak.

DAP will oppose Amanah merging with Bersatu.

So, Mahathir will focus on PBB and Umno. One may be dissolved, the other deregistered.

The focus of the ruling Malay elite and the deepstate is on “Malay unity” i.e. having the largest number of seats on the gov’t side, in Parliament, under one symbol.

At present, Malay racists claim the PH gov’t is controlled by DAP through Malay proxies i.e. PKR, Bersatu and Amanah.

In fact, there are non-Malays in PKR too.

It’s not Main Belakang who decides on the PM.

It’s the ruling Malay elite and the deepstate, possibly also involving the deepIslamicstate.

Leave the Malay buggers alone. Let them sort out their politics.

Non-Malays should destroy race-based non-Malay parties.

Next, All should destroy race-based Malay parties.

Plight of Indians in Malaya . . .

The distortion of Article 153, and NEP, and the existence of the Definition of Malay in Article 160 have hit Indians hard.

It’s unlikely that whoever is in Putrajaya will do anything for Indians.

The Definition of Malay in Article 160 and the distortion of Article 153 and the NEP stand in the way.

Indian votes are only important in bringing down a gov’t, and denying the gov’t two thirds majority, not to put one in power.

The incumbent gov’t does not need Indian votes to remain in power.

Indians in Malaya are condemned to bringing down the gov’t without getting anything in return.

Indians in Malaya should get their politics and relationships right.

That’s only possible if there’s a change in mindset.

Degenerating into rhetoric and polemics is not the way. That’s what MIC did for 60 years, what Waytha Moorthy is doing now and what Uthaya Kumar seems to be doing.

They should control the Narrative.

The politics of the so-called Malays is based on nothing but bullshit.

Indians should not emulate this.

They should emulate the Chinese in DAP.

No point demanding this and that as Indians. The gov’t will not entertain such demands.

Indians are not mentioned directly in the Constitution. There are 350, 000 stateless people of Indian origin in Malaya. A further 850, 000 displaced estate workers are of Indian origin.

Only the Orang Asal and so-called Malays are mentioned in the Constitution.

Indians should focus on Article 153.

The second prong mentions the legitimate interests/aspirations of non-Malays.

The first prong is about a reasonable proportion, by way of a special position for the Orang Asal and so-called Malays, in only four areas viz. intake into the civil service; intake into institutions of higher learning owned by the gov’t and training opportunities; gov’t scholarships; and opportunities from the gov’t to do business.

Giving 90 per cent of matriculation seats to the so-called Malays is an unreasonable proportion. The so-called Malays formed only 50.4 per cent of the population in 2010, the last time the census was taken.

Article 153 has been deviated and distorted from reasonable proportion in the said four areas, to unreasonable proportion in the four areas, to unreasonable proportion in all walks of life.

Examples abound. For example, the canteens in all Klinik Kesihatan are run by so-called Malays. During puasa month, these canteens are closed. Non-Malays visiting the clinics can’t get even a drink.

Indians in Malaya should focus on the deviations and distortions in the implementation of Article 153 and the NEP.

By focussing in this manner, Indians in Malaya can secure their legitimate interests/aspirations.

They have legitimate expectations.

Hindraf Makkal Sakthi . . .

Someone purportedly from Hindraf sent me a comment claiming that the entire human race, including black Africans, is descended from Tamils.

All 23 genetic strains of the human race can be found in east Africa.

All other human beings are from a lesser number of genetic strains.

Black Africans could not be descended from Tamils who come from less than five genetic strains. Like other human beings, Tamils could only have descended from Black Africans.

The “Hindraf” character claims to know Waytha Moorthy very well. He added that Waytha Moorthy does not know me. Only fakes would make such claims.

Whenever Waytha is in gov’t, he will keep away from me. When he’s out of gov’t, I am the first person he calls.

There are no longer any pure Dravidians in the Indian subcontinent. Language is no proof of race.

Except for perhaps the Negrito, and the tribals, none of the other Indians are pure. There’s no such thing as pure Aryans in India. Language is no proof of race.

Read further . . .

Malays consider Chinese and Indians as immigrants

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

13 thoughts on “Many people still missing the point, Malay should not be mentioned in polite society”

  1. Syed Albukhary’s father, a Yemeni, came to Malaya from India before Merdeka.

    Syed Albukhary is classified as Malay in his MyKad.

    The Definition of Malay in Article 160 is about certain Muslims governed by the Merdeka cutoff point. Only these certain Muslims are Malay.

    I advised an Indian Muslim, who is Malay under Article 160, to take JPN to court if his MyKad does not state Malay. He said he prefers to be Indian. His father also insisted on being Indian although he was Malay under Article 160.


  2. What evidence shows Malays never existed? Please quote your authoritative sources. Historians, Anthropologists and Linguists confirm and have confirmed Malays as a DISTINCT, UNIQUE, PEOPLE have existed in the Malay peninsula for more than 2000 years. Even Indian kings mention about them in their own historical texts, and Chinese kingdoms mention about it in their own texts. So SORRY. Your arguement does not stand anywhere in an academic setting or a court setting. Prove it, get a point of ruling from court, or state your authoritative sources. Show the page number, exact book/PHD research, scholastic source. Your words are not “enough”. Show it.


    1. The Definition of Malay in Article 160 is not about any “historical Malay”.

      If the “historical Malay” existed, it would be in the Definition of Malay. It’s not.


      1. (1) There is no question of “if” they existed. If you have doubts, seek a point of ruling from the highest court, who will invite international and national experts to confirm their existence in the past and now. Refusing to recognize an INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED ethnic group’s existence is a genocidal tendency. It is an act of racism. It is a criminal offense and a crime against humanity.

        (2) Article 160 by default means Historical Malays – Habitual speakers of the language, practices Malay culture = Indians, Yemenis, Turks don’t practice that culture nor speak that language. Only mixed ones among them do.

        Please seek point of ruling on the above 2.


    2. The Definition of Malay in Article 160 is not about “historical Malays”. No need PhD thesis. Read the Definition. It’s clear.

      The first and second prongs of the Definition contradict each other.

      India protects the “minorities” from the majority.

      The Indian Constitution does not talk about Hindu culture, customs and traditions.

      The “Malays” defined in Article 160 are not Indigenous.

      Only the people defined in Article 161A and the Aboriginal Peoples Act are Indigenous and Natives.


  3. Some of views borders around or carries genocidal tendencies.

    (1) Malays of Malaysia are a recognized people with a recognized language, culture and history and geographic domain. This is affirmed by international historians, anthropologists, linguists. Some cultural influences from other regions have entered Malay culture and have fused with it. Just as in India, there are foreign influences that have come and fused with Indian systems.

    (2) Your refusal to recognize Malays as an ethnic group and an unique linguistic group, is like an act of genocide. You simply want to erase them off. Our law recognizes them. Our courts recognizes them. Our institutions and kings recognize it.

    (3) You have never ever produced a single authoritarian source of history or text to back many of your wild claims. This destroys your credibility completely.

    (4) Your overt obsession in linking everything with Kerala, a remote and far off place, borders around intellectual ridiculousness.

    (5) Your poor understanding about the constitution, lack of common sense in interpreting clauses, are self-evident.


    1. Again, you are going off at a tangent.

      The proof is in the Definition of Malay in Article 160.

      I have elaborated on this but you persist in harping on the so-called “historical Malays”. The historical Malays don’t exist in the Definition and, as the evidence shows, never existed. Language is no proof of race.

      The beginning is connected to everything.

      Every beginning is connected to everything.

      No one comes out of the ground or falls from the sky.


      1. There is no such thing as “race”. Ethnic groups are primarily centered around language and culture. Ask any certified Anthropologist or Geneticist. Race is an artificial construction. Ask any social sciences expert. Human genome project has concluded that entire humanity is one race.

        Language, culture and connection to land/genealogical descent from people long settled in that land all are factors in identity.


      2. The constitution already terms that in the words

        “Habitually practices Malay culture and speaks the Malay language”. You don’t find a lot of non-natives doing that. In fact, most Indian Muslims identify as Indians, whatever the word “Indian” means. Even that word is an artificial construct.

        There are Nepalis who look like Chinese and have the name “Singh, Devi” and practice Hinduism. They are not of the typical Aryan/Dravidian mix appearance, yet they assimilated into the South Asian culture. Same way we have south Asians and Arabs who have assimilated into Malay Austronesian culture.

        If I go to the highest court of the land, the court will clearly rule in my favor with a point of ruling, that the Malay mentioned in the constitutions INCLUDES those who have lived in the archipelago for over 200 years+, speak the Malay language, practice the Malay customs. The interpretation of that is where you are severely confused. If you are doubtful, take it and get a point of ruling over the constitution. You are refusing to do that.


        1. Is there any Constitution in the world referring to culture, customs and traditions of majority communities?


          What’s important about the Definition of Malay is the first prong governed by the Merdeka cutoff point.

          No Malay without the first prong.

          The Constitution and the law are not about looks and colour.


      3. yes there are other constitutions that refer to culture, customs or religion

        (1) Sri Lankan constitution puts Buddhism as the official religion of the state – Google Sri lankan constitution and read the first 5 clauses

        (2) Israeli constitution talks about a Jewish state , based on ethno-religious identity

        (3) Bhutan constitution talks about Buddhism and its majority people

        Malaysian constitution was formed based on the reality of this land.

        (4) North Eastern states of of India is mentioned in Article 371(A) of the Indian constitution that seeks to ‘protect their customs, culture and way of life” you may see it yourself.

        (5) Some African countries have it that mentions the ethnic group by name, and their culture and customs to be protected.

        Malays are classified as an indigenous people, along with other Bumiputeras. Their unique culture, language, identity developed here. The constitution reflects that. You can get a point of ruling from the highest court to affirm this or deny this.

        Yes, the constitution INCLUDES historic Malays by default when it mentions customs, culture, language.

        The Malay language is recognized by the U.N and other global bodies, and academic institutions as being an unique language. It is different from Javanese or Borneo languages. It is only found in Malay peninsula and parts of Sumatara . It has loan words from South Asian and middle eastern languages due to trader influences. However they only constitute 20%. Much of it is native and indigenous to this region.

        So yes, habitual speakers of Malay language clearly are the indigenous people. Some South Asians got assimilated long ago, they are also included. so the constitution isn’t racist. Language is a pillar of the Malaysian constitution clause for Malays.

        Constitution also gives rights to others equally. The Majority are the Malays

        turks and pathans don’t come from India. They come from turkey or Afghanistan. Hadrami Arabs don’t come from India. They come from Yemen. They have relatives in Yemen. They travel to Yemen. They have clans and graves in Yemen. They are not classified as Malays. Arab street in Singapore is full of yemeni. It is called Arab.

        You are wrong in saying they are all called Malays.

        Some Malays have mixed parentage with Indians or other races, but their mothers are Malay. Habitual speakers (generational speakers) of Malay language, habitually existed in this region for centuries.

        Your confusion about the interpretation of the constitution can be cleared by constitutional experts and a point of ruling from the highest court about as to “what Malay is” in the constitution and if “Malay historically existed” can be confirmed by another ruling.

        Have the courage. Take it to court. Get the answers.


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