Only India can help Pakistan join the community of civilised nations

Pakistan to take dispute with India over Kashmir to International Court of Justice

Pakistan invaded and occupied east Baluchistan, Sindh, FATA, NWFP and northern Kashmir. The facts are on public record.

East Baluchistan and NWFP wanted to join India. Sindh did not want to have anything to do with Pakistan. Bangladesh is academic.

If India “invaded and occupied Kashmir”, as the senile Mahathir of Malaysia claims, what has it got to do with Pakistan?

Imran Khan and Pakistan never said India invaded and occupied Kashmir.

Mahathir said at the UNGA that India invaded and occupied Kashmir.

He has an elephant for a pet. There’s no place in the Cabinet room for his elephant.

Every generation has a right to rule itself.

Mahathir, 94, has no right to decide for future generations. He should go immediately.

His children have to surrender their multibillions to the state and serve out their sentences.

Mahathir should be put under house arrest after he surrenders his millions to the state demi bangsa, agama, negara and derma.

Mahathir is afraid to step down. He fears for his family.

Let justice prevail for all.

Mahathir is delusional if he thinks he can hang on for another three years.

Having said that, what about Malaysia “invading and occupying” Sabah and Sarawak since 16 Sept 1963, as it failed to comply with the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) and continues to steal the oil and gas in the waters which belong to the two Borneo nations?

Those who stay in glass houses should not throw stones.

Principles matter. Man does not live by bread alone.

There’s no role for a 3rd Party on bilateral issues in the Indian subcontinent. Pakistan is barking up the wrong tree at the ICJ.

The bilateral Simla Accord provides a basis for peace between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan has no locus standi on Kashmir whether at the ICJ, the UN or anywhere else. Pakistan has no support from the Arab and Muslim world on Kashmir.

Kashmir has never been part of Pakistan. It has no historical and legal title to the Territory. Kashmir, like Kerala and 500 other princely states, was not part of British India.

Besides the verdict of history in the Indian subcontinent, Kashmir is in the Indian Union by the Instrument of Accession. The issue is academic. All princely states joined India by Instruments of Accession.

The UN Resolution on Kashmir is non-binding. Otherwise, sanctions would have applied. Besides, the Simla Accord set aside the UN Resolution.

India is a secular nation-state. It cannot allow any part of the Union to break away on the basis of religion.

If self-determination is the issue, Pandora’s Box will open. No court will allow the floodgates to be opened.

In law, a line must be drawn somewhere. There’s no Kashmiri nationalism. Kashmir is made up of Muslims in the Valley, Hindus and Sikhs in Jammu, and Buddhists in Ladakh. New Delhi has since separated Ladakh from Jammu & Kashmir.

Ladakh will be a Union territory in perpetuity i.e. ruled directly by the Central Gov’t in New Delhi.

Jammu & Kashmir will be a Union Territory temporarily before being returned to statehood once the security situation improves.

Kashmir is integral to the security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of India.

Without Kashmir, the entire northern flank in the Indian subcontinent will be left wide open.

The Indian subcontinent is a geographical reality bounded by water on three sides and mountains and jungle in the northwest, north and northeast.

India is an English word from the Greek Ind for the River Indus.

Indians don’t use the word India, but Hindustan, Bharat, or simply “our country”, or “country” in the various Indian languages.

The Constitution says the country will be known as India in English and Bharat in Sanskrit.

Pakistan was created illegally from India by British colonialists to be an Islamic state.

Pakistan has failed to become an Islamic state and remains, like India, a secular nation-state, a democracy and wedded to the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.

As in India, the judiciary in Pakistan is independent and powerful.

It was Gen Zia ul Haq who threatened Pakistanis, “if we are not going to be an Islamic state, we might as well return to India”.

“You are going to get an Islamic state whether you like it or not.”

Shortly thereafter, his plane was blew up in the skies over Pakistan, and it was also not allowed to land. The American Ambassador to Pakistan was with him.

Only India can help Pakistan join the community of civilised nations.

In the longrun, there won’t be a Pakistan. Bangladesh is a precedent.

The Pakistani military has been plundering the public treasury since 1947 under the guise of the “Hate India” campaign.

There’s no Pakistani nationalism. “Hate India” is a poor substitute to whip up nationalism in Pakistan.

The Sindhi, Baluchi, Pathan and Mohajir in Pakistan all hate the Muslim Punjabi. The Baluchi have been asking New Delhi for help to free themselves. Half of Baluchistan is in Iran. So, India hesitates.

In 1947, 24 per cent of the people in Pakistan were non-Muslim. Today, only two per cent remain, the rest fled to India.

Muslims in Kashmir killed and chased out 500, 000 Hindus. The killers should be dragged to court and hanged.

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Times of India: Fulfilled Sardar Patel’s dream: Shah on Article 370.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

3 thoughts on “Only India can help Pakistan join the community of civilised nations”

  1. Pakistan’s dilemma is that it’s unsustainable.

    It has no Identity to replace Indian nationalism.

    It tried Arabisation and failed. Islam was created by the 3rd Caliph to be an Identity for Arabs. The 3rd Caliph codied the Quran in Arabic, from sacred Christian texts in Aramaic.

    Pakistan failed to emerge as an Islamic state and remains secular like India. Pakistan was created from India in 1947 to be an Islamic state.

    The people of Pakistan want to have nothing to do with an Islamic state. General Zia ul Haq warned Pakistanis that they are going to get an Islamic state whether they like it or not. “If we are not going to be an Islamic state, we might as well return to India,” thundered Zia ul Haq not long before his plane blew up over the skies of Pakistan. The US Ambassador to Pakistan also died in the fate that befell Zia ul Haq’s plane.

    The judiciary, fiercely independent, want to have nothing to do with an Islamic state.

    The military and the intelligence services want to have nothing to do with an Islamic state.

    The military and the intelligence services are plundering the public treasury in Pakistan under the guise of a long running “Hate India” campaign.

    There’s a case for corruption and money laundering charges and abuse of power, conflict of interest and criminal breach of trust charges.

    The politicians hope that the “Hate India” campaign will keep Pakistan together.

    In fact, the Baluchis, FATA tribals, Sindhis, Mohajir and Pathans, all hate the Muslim Punjabis in Pakistan.

    Eventually, all the provinces in Pakistan will break away. West Punjab will be left as the rump state of Pakistan.

    India should push to the Indus River as the international border with Pakistan. Such a border can be easily defended.

    New Delhi should also work with Iran, Afghanistan, and Israel on the denuclearisation of Pakistan.

    Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal should be neutralised and put on rockets fired at the sun.


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