BREAKING NEWS! . . . Omicron variant may be novel Corona virus in death throes . . .

Omicron variant may be novel Corona virus in death throes . . .

It’s unlikely that Omicron would be deadlier, more contagious, than earlier VoC.

OPINON . . . Human beings are in fact genetically programmed to live until 120 years. Advances in science and medicine can extend lifespan. Curative medicine can prolong life as well. In the end, it’s also the actual cause of death as seen in the toxicity level seen in post-mortem reports. Post-mortem is always about the level of toxicity.

Word of God . . .

Let me look at my biology and bio-chemical notes based on the theory that mathematics and physics are the nearest to God i.e. the Word of God. God and Word of God are synonymous. There’s no God separate from Word of God.

Word of God does not mean that God came down and said something.

Word of God refers to eternal laws based on eternal truths. These have a spiritual nature.

All the laws of science are Word of God.

Activates . . .

Herbs and modern medicine can both be toxic in the longrun. Modern medicine is based on enhancing the power of activates in herbs. That makes it toxic in the longrun through accumulation in the body. In the shortrun, it saves and prolongs lives. Activates in herbs are not toxic since they are at very low dosages. Herbs, however, include other substances which are toxic beyond certain levels. It accumulates in the body.

Bad food, bad water and bad air compromises the immune system. So, very few reach 120 years. Then, there are the problems brought by medication and herbs.

Will to live . . .

There’s also the ever present risk and dangers of accidents, falls, degenerative conditions, diseases like cancer and cardiac problems; complications that result in systemic or organ failure, sometimes multiple; premature aging or simply losing the will to live.

Then, there’s prolonged and protracted illness which can strike at any age after 80. Those affected will be bedridden, lie in a coma in ICU and dependent on life support, and go within a month. It has been said that misdiagnosis — reading the actual cause wrong — compounds the initial insult which a patient could have survived.

ICU aggravates the risk of sepsis — very high rate of infections and fever — and septicemia or poisoning of the blood by bad bacteria which good bacteria cannot overcome.

There are only three microorganisms viz. virus, bacteria and fungi. Fungi can be killed by treatments and bacteria by antibiotics. Nothing can kill virus because it isn’t a living thing. It’s a form of intelligence just like the computer virus.

There are 380 trillion virus in the human body of seven trillion cells, 60 trillion bacteria and some fungi. Viruses don’t harm the body since it needs it as a host.

Pandemic . . .

The pandemic has seen people being brought in dead (BID) or succumb to severity of symptoms unleashed by the immune system overreacting to the perceived aggressiveness of the novel Corona virus variant of concern (VoC), the latest being Omicron from South Africa — which also gave the Beta VoC — in the epithelial cells and lymph nodes.

Before Omicron, it was estimated that India would be the first to come out of the pandemic and that Africa would be spared the scourge. There are comparatively fewer Covid-19 cases in Africa although only six per cent have been vaccinated.

According to the WHO, we will know in eight weeks about Omicron, presumably whether it was a response to Africa.

Delta and Delta Plus VoC were not deadlier than the earlier VoC i.e. alpha (UK), beta (South Africa) and gamma (Brazil). The Delta variants were more contagious.

It’s unlikely that Omicron would be deadlier than the earlier VoC. The Energy would be running out. Also, it could not be more contagious than the Delta variants. I don’t think that I am ventilating ignorance.

Let’s hope that the media, being an unthinking animal which can be manipulation, does not continue to mislead and alarm the people on the pandemic and zap public confidence in cahoots with Big Pharma and control freak politicians.

Decades . . .

It has been observed — for every Decade from 60 years — that if a person reaches 60, he or she will most probably reach 65 years and if that happens, the grim reaper will come between 65 and 70.

The above observation is held true for subsequent decades.

Mahathir, for example, reached 95 years. That means he may go between 95 and 100 years. He was 96 years on July 10 this year.

His elder sister went suddenly at 98 years. Here now, next minute gone.

In Kerala in southwest India, where Mahathir comes from, it’s quite common to see centenarians moving around as usual like lesser mortals and suddenly go. Other Muslim in Malaya, like the Bugis, Javanese and Minangkabu — some examples — don’t live that long. They are gone by 70 or 80 at the very latest.

The actuarians at insurance companies have noticed that many people in fact die within five years of retirement. So, those who don’t want to die early should not retire. It’s okay to be like Mahathir and pick fights here, and there and all over the place.

Nature gets confused and thinks that the fighting cock must be spared until it runs out of fight.

The “good”, it’s said, die young because “God loves them”.

Those not so young can only be “bad”.

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Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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