Regime change in Beijing if no nuclear war!

Americans will definately not accept the “Chinese Way”.

They will see it as dishonest, sneaky, slimy, unnecessary and a sheer waste of time.

Americans care two effs for “face”.

If the Chinaman loses face, Americans will say that only they (Chinese) are to blame.

In Anchorage, Alaska, recently, the Chinese were very rude, arrogant and uncivilised with the Americans.

The Americans lectured the Chinese and virtually told them to FO.

I don’t know how the Chinese can consider themselves cultured and civilised when they are the most corrupt creatures on Earth. They have no principles. The South China Sea is a case in point.

The Chinese behaviour along the border in Tibet is another example.

Chinaman will seize five areas, then offer during negotiations to give back four areas but insist on keeping the 5th area. In fact, the Chinese had no interest in the four areas at all, considering them difficult to defend. It was the 5th area they were after, confident they can defend it.

Chinaman refuses to understand that Tibet’s border with India cannot be demarcated.

Tibet, like Xinjiang, Yunnan and Myanmar, is an extension of India in the High Country.

Japanese have a sense of shame, dignity, honour and self-respect.

Japanese, unlike Chinaman, will not hesitate to commit hara kiri.

Chinaman claims the South China Sea almost in its entirety.

He’s freezing his YouKnowWhat off in the High Country.

India has to go beyond them to even higher points to cut off supply lines and dislodge them.

China is a great nation and the Chinese a great people despite them swearing by corruption.

A prosperous China will be good for the whole world including India and America. China exports US$70b a year to India alone and US$500b to the US.

Beijing under the communists has been busy storing up Karma.

Karma is not the superstitious version promoted by Brahmin BS to justify the evil caste system or superstitious public perceptions on the phenomenon or the misleading take in Buddhism.

The Brahmin BS take on Karma is the ultimate form of corruption i.e. making everything one touches to go bad.

Brightest N Best is the only race that I recognise.

It’s a matter of principle.

The evil caste system, communism, electoral fraud, corruption, ketuanan Melayu, quota system, racism, prejudice, technology theft, rote learning and setting a world record in the number of PhDs, among others, are not about the Brightest and Best.

India went to the dogs for centuries because of superstitious notions on Karma.

Why don’t Indians in America harp on these superstitious notions on Karma?

They know Americans will simply laugh at them and send them back to India on mental health grounds. Alternatively, they might refer the Karma preachers to the nearest hospital for an evaluation and institutionalise them for life to keep the public from harm. Insanity is a legal definition, not medical. Only a court can declare a person insane.

Karma can be seen in the parable of the Sower in the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

The true Definition of Karma is in the Holy Bible, the Word of God, it’s about the spiritual nature of truth.

Word of God refers to eternal laws on the eternal truth. These have a spiritual nature.

Spiritualism is about the emancipation of the spirit from delusions i.e. a form of mental illness which science has been reluctant to declare.

Karma is neutral.

However, there’s no escape from Karma.

Having said that, karmic forces will have to exhaust themselves sooner or later, and will exhaust themselves sooner or later. So, there’s no justification under the evil caste system for an artificial prohibition on upward social mobility.

Again, the Brahmin BS version of Karma is based on superstitions . . . reincarnation, past lives, and Karma from past lives. These are unscientific garbage besides being politically incorrect and discriminatory. The law does not allow for discrimination.

Brahmin BS and caste Hindu live in fear of Karma. That’s why there are so many beggars in India. Brahmin BS and caste Hindu feel that one must not interfere with anyone’s Karma lest the same fate befall them. So, like Muslim as well who are even more superstitious on Karma, they don’t do Charity. That leaves the field wide open for the Church which is against the evil caste system. Caste Hindu accuse the Church of conversions through Charity. There’s no such thing. The conversion to the Word of God is by Spirit, by the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Karma is input, karmic forces are output.

It’s the guilty conscience that kills.

Karma is the first eternal law in Sanatana (science) Dharma (duties). Sanatana Dharma is not synonymous with Hinduism.

Hinduism is about local practices which vary from place to place. Deities play the most prominent role in Hinduism.

Sanatana Dharma is about eternal laws based on eternal truths.

Those who want to know about where China is going should focus on the spiritual nature of truth.

Jesus explained the spiritual nature of truth and the spiritual nature of faith. He was not referring to religion or God.

Jesus became Deity on Healing and Miracles. God the Father was Jesus’ personal and family Deity.

God the Holy Spirt, mentioned in the Holy Bible, the Word of God, is not Deity.

Don’t read anything from the communists in Beijing. It’s propaganda. They have no credibility.

The issues in China are the lack of the rule of law, no consent of the governed, no legitimacy, the people losing their sovereignty to a handful of communist crooks in Beijing, violation of human rights, violation of international law, rampant corruption, China counterfeiting, producing fake goods and stealing technology and being a grave threat to global security.

There are only two ways forward on China i.e. nuclear war or regime change in China to restore sovereignty to the people, free the Beijing-occupied territories, and get Beijing out from the South China Sea and the High Country, the undemarcated extension of India.

If there’s no nuclear war, there will be regime change in China after civil war.

If there’s nuclear war, America may not win, but China will be history. Nothing will grow in China proper for 25K years. China’s major cities will be destroyed to dismantle the communist structure.

The China-occupied territories will be free of nuclear war.

There being no checks and balances in China, nuclear war would probably break out after a strategic miscalculation on Beijing’s part in response to being constantly provoked by America. Western civilisation is about Principles.

The communists, and the Chinese generally, have no Principles. They are about corruption.

America, having checks and balances, would never start a nuclear war. It has secured the nuclear weapons in Pakistan. It wants to secure the nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea. It’s not possible to secure the nuclear weapons which the communists have in China.

Anyone who praises China and misleads the people must be put on leaky boats to tongsan. They are a grave threat to global security.

U.S. Admiral Issues Nuclear War WARNING

👍 👍 👍

Turn to the following 23.3.2021 Weibo for the Chinese version of the articles

Let China start a nuclear war.

Let’s finish it once and for All.

No nuclear weapons can intimidate America.

It’s China, North Korea, Pakistan and Iran who live in fear although they have nuclear weapons.

America is waiting for Beijing to start a nuclear war. Then, China will be history even if America does not win the war.

Nuclear weapons, or no nuclear weapons, there will be regime change in China if there’s no nuclear war.

If there’s nuclear war, no need to worry about regime change. China will be history.

[14/04, 13:03] +60 16-810 6586:

Few days ago our minister complaining we Malaysian lacks of innovation. He can be right & wrong. Many good enterprisers already go out from Malaysia bcos of our own Malaysian childish politicians.

[14/04, 13:15] JF:

China copy cats, counterfeits, fakes everything including vaccine, rice and eggs, and steals technology.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is a new way of doing old things! 60 per cent of GDP growth in the US, for example, comes from Innovation.





S’pore has learned that a rigid society, making everything that one touches to go bad — i.e. completely corrupt, lacking in principles — and used to rote learning, memorising, going through past years’ exam papers and model answers — to get a string of As — will never be innovative.

So, they import talent.

LKY ventilated ignorance on America.

I beg to differ with LKY. America, like India, defies analysis. America, and India, are about method in madness.

S’pore survived because of America. The Asian dollar market, for example, is in S’pore.

The island benefits from rampant corruption in M’sia and Indonesia and looks the other way on money laundering.

I can expose the PAP BS in three minutes.

In M’sia, the riff raff fill the universities and get free degrees including PhD.

All 20 public universities are run by kangkung professors whose English sucks. Not even one Indian or Chinese.

Of course, no Orang Asal heads a public university in M’sia under ketuanan Melayuism.

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