Indian Americans sponsor ‘Pariah Lives Matter’ back home to bring about changes!

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The “Black Lives Matter” Movement must be placed in perspective.

It’s not about making lives better for the blacks in the US, for example.

BLM, capitalising on alleged prejudice based on colour against blacks, is about using race as a catalyst for a small group of black politicians to seize disproportionate political power without resorting to crime.

This will not help improve black lives.

Already, many inner cities are controlled by black mayors. Nothing has changed for the unfortunate people caught in a vicious cycle in these crumbling cities. They are as poverty-stricken as ever, crime-ridden, the ghettos being over run by underworld gangs who see their way of life as a path to capital accumulation and eventually a share of the political power.

The stark reality in America is that non-blacks as well, not blacks alone, have often been left out by a system where the riff raff can squat on the brightest and best and prevent the latter from leading the way for all.

It’s an open secret that the American Dream can sometimes be all about opportunism, nepotism, cronyism, and corruption. The beneficiaries are of course whites but only a small elite group who are by no means among the brightest and best. They look out for each other and keep “others”, even whites, out of the picture.

Blacks don’t stand a chance in such a corrupt system. Again, that applies to the great majority of whites as well.

It’s not about who you are or what you are but who you know.

Like the US, Malaysia for example is a classic case study where Malays related to each other overwhelmingly dominate the gov’t sector. Indeed, 90 per cent of the gov’t sector is monopolised by incestous Malays who refused to co-operate with the multiracial PH gov’t which surprisingly was led by Godfather of All Opportunists, Mahathir, in the mother of all aberrations.

Even critical disciplines at public universities are subject to the infamous quota system. All 20 VCs at public universities are Malay.

Mahathir himself brought down his multiracial gov’t in cahoots with Malay First Muhyiddin Yassin who went on to head an All-Malay gov’t on Mar 1.

It’s no secret that Malaysia, Malaya in particular, was governed by a combination of apartheid, Nazism, evil caste system, colonialism, communism and militant political Islam.

It’s said the number of deaths in police custody in Malaya have gone through the roof.

Away from that little digression, police brutality in the US against blacks in particular are simply a manifestation of the extreme extents to which the white riff raff will go to pit the races against each other to distract, disrupt, and obstruct real debate and genuine reforms taking place in hiring and business practices.

In all societies, the police attract the lowest kind who can be relied on by the elite to protect the “status quo”. It feeds the egos of people with inferiority complexes i.e. the lowest kind. They try to boost their low self-esteem by picking on the vulnerable.

George Floyd — “I can’t breathe” — was just another statistic for those with inferiority complexes.

The blacks, in the wake of the George Floyd killing, were wrong to react disproportionately through unbelievable street demonstrations, violence, looting and arson. Interestingly, many whites joined in as well. These whites cannot be people who have a share of the American Dream.

Having said that, the US gov’t has indeed made tremenous strides in weeding out institutionalised discrimination in gov’t and wherever the gov’t can reach like the education sector and gov’t contracts.

Granted the US is still not about black inclusiveness but exceptionalism as seen in politics, entertainment and professional sports, all traditional black areas. Let’s leave out the underworld.

Blacks sometimes don’t appreciate enough what the US gov’t has done for them outside the traditional areas where they naturally shine.

Blacks have a 60 per cent chance to enter medical schools — but mostly taken up by Africans — even if their marks are poorer. Blacks form only 10 per cent of the US population. Apparently, the 60 quota was to make up for historical injustices.

It’s clear the blacks are too lazy to read and/or don’t read enough.

Medical schools observe a 26 per cent quota for whites.

Others get 14 per cent.

One dark-skinned Indian American got into medical school under the black quota. The university realised its mistake and threw him out. He even disguised his Indian name.

Twenty nine other medical schools rejected him on the grounds that he was not of the black race although he was dark-skinned. The universities said the quota system was not about colour.

The student wrote a book about it. He’s the brother of prominent Indian American TV star Mindy Kaling.

It’s difficult to get into medical schools in the US as an Indian whether from India or America.

Having said that, forty per cent of American doctors are from India.

America is a godsend for Indians still plagued by the evil caste system at home. This is an immigrant community saved by their high skills very much in demand in the US economy. The evil caste system, based on work functions, division of labour and specialisation, prohibits upward social mobility.

The Indian Constitution has outlawed the evil caste system but only the supreme court of India upholds the rule of law. India is still ruled by the evil caste system. Upper caste police brutality against the outcaste/casteless (Pariah or Dalit) and lower castes are legendary.

Once a Pariah for example, forever a Pariah, unless one leaves Hinduism.

The same goes for the castes.

Inter-caste marriage means both parties are declared outcaste/casteless.

Brahmin (priest or the highest caste) become outcaste/casteless if they cross the waters.

Brahmin or Pariah, the DNA is the same.

India should expel the four million Brahmin to demolish the evil caste system once and for all.

Hopefully, Indians have not taken their evil caste system along with them to America. Indian Americans can perhaps sponsor a “Pariah Lives Matter” movement back home to bring about changes.

America, for Indians, is truly the Beautiful.

The American Dream exists for them.

Often, Americans feel that only Indians can save the country and make them great again.

The four million Indian Americans, as a group, are the top earners in the US. The others listed — various Asian groups, whites, Latino, black, others — are way below Indian Americans.

Whites generally accept Indians, no matter how dark, as “one of us”. The children who have a common heritage look more new Caucasian, less archaic Caucasoid.

Whites are new Caucasians.

The great majority of Indians are a mixture of archaic Caucasoids and new Caucasians. The exceptions are the Mongoloid tribes in northeast India and the Negrito in the mountains of Kerala in southwest India. There are no pure archaic Caucasoids and no pure new Caucasians in India.

The Negrito were also the first people in Malaya. They came 40, 000 years ago.

The Negrito are still there in the mountains of Malaya and Kerala. The Negrito came to Kerala from east Africa 70, 000 years ago.

Read further here . . .

There are no pure Dravidians (archaic Caucasoids) and no pure Aryans (new Caucasians) in India.

Aryans are descended from albino Dravidians in north India who went to Central Asia and returned.

Sanskrit originated from Malayalam.

India should expel the 4m Brahmin to demolish the evil caste system once and for all.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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