BREAKING NEWS! . . . Malay, form of identity, aberration in law . . .

BREAKING NEWS! . . . Malay, form of identity, aberration in law . . .

Bahasa Malaysia not Malaysia’s National Language.

My COMMENT on the Nst link below . . .

The Applicants had no locus standi.

The law works in the negative.

It cannot say that students must attend Malay- medium schools.

Mother tongue education is protected by international law and supervised by UNESCO.

It’s extremely difficult to argue constitutional law cases.

Often, the Constitution is shielded by Conventions.

Conventions, the working of the Constitution, are not law.

No court will hear Applications on Conventions.

The court is only about law.

Even the Constitution isn’t law but being based on the ultimate political document, setting out the governing institutions of state, it has force of law and emerges as the supreme law of the land.

Law and force of law aren’t the same classifications.

Likewise, Adat isn’t law but being based on customary practices, it has force of law.

It’s not necessary to include Adat in the Constitution before it can be recognised.

The Sarawak gov’t claims that Adat can only be recognised if it’s included in the Constitution.

It’s not necessary to make Adat into “law” via the Constitution. Again, the Constitution itself isn’t law.

Adat is the 1st Law in international law.

Karma is the 1st eternal law based on an eternal truth. See the Parable of the Sower in the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

Eternal laws based on eternal truths are Word of God. These are about the spiritual nature of truth.

Man is Spirit.

All the laws of science are Word of God.

These are discoveries, not inventions. Mathematics and Physics are the nearest to God.

Word of God and God are synonymous. There’s no God separate from Word of God.

Jesus explained Truth (emanicipation) and Faith (seeing things before they exist).

Truth combined with Faith and commitment (not giving up) takes us to the destination.

It’s the journey that’s important, not the destination. If the journey continues, the destination will be reached, sooner or later.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

It’s the process that’s important, not the product. If the process is right, the product will be good.

Malaysia’s Bahasa Kebangsaan DEADER than DEAD . . .

Malaysia’s Bahasa Kebangsaan DEADER than DEAD . . .

Article 160(2) PROOF there’s no Malay race in the world!

Answer to How do Malays feel when they meet Malaysians who are not fluent in Bahasa Malaysia? by Tan Sing Yee

My COMMENT . . .

Malay in Malaya, under the Definition of Malay in Article 160(2) in the Federal Constitution, are descendants of various Muslim communities — from various ethnic groups in the Archipelago, India and elsewhere — who were either born or domiciled in Singapore or Malaya by Merdeka (Independence) i.e. 31 Aug 1957.

Malay, under the Definition, isn’t race but a form of identity for these Muslim.

That has been declared in case law, in the High Court of Malaya, on the Definition.

The case law can be found here . . . Palm Oil (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd v. Che Mariah Mohd Tahir (Trading as Delta Mec Enterprise) [1994] 3 CLJ 638.

There’s no Malay race in the world.

The Malay language wasn’t originated by a race but created by Hindu and Buddhist from southeast India as lingua franca for the Archipelago, hence Malay Archipelago.

The Malay language began as a Cambodian dialect. Tamil, Sanskrit and Pali were superimposed on the dialect. The Malay language was used in trade, missionary activities, administration and education.

Bahasa Melayu has only 20K words.

The Johor-Rhio-Lingga variant of Bahasa Melayu is the Bahasa Kebangsaan (national language) implied in Article 152 of the Federal Constitution.

Bahasa Malaysia, based on Bahasa Melayu, has 40K words and includes words from local languages and dialects and English.

Bahasa Malaysia isn’t the Bahasa Kebangsaan.

Hence, Article 152 is redundant.

Malaysia no longer has a national language. Bahasa Melayu is DEADER than DEAD.

Today, when Malay or non-Malay speak Bahasa Malaysia, five to seven words out of every ten words are Sanskrit.

Bahasa Indonesia, based on Bahasa Melayu, includes words from local languages and dialects, Dutch and English.

In Sabah, Bahasa Sabah is used as a medium of communication. Bahasa Sabah is a local variant of Bahasa Melayu which remains quite distinct from the Johore-Rhio-Lingga variant.

In Sarawak, Sarawak Malay is a variant of the Iban language and a local variant of Bahasa Melayu spoken by the Orang Laut or Kirieng. The Brookes, for administrative purposes, emulated the British in Malaya and called them Sarawak Malay.

It was the British who first codified Malay as an administrative term in Malaya.

In Brunei, the Barunai are also referred to as Brunei Malay. The Barunai are mostly descended from Iban and Dusun, the original people in Brunei.

The Brunei sultanate began when a Khmer Prince came to Bandar Seri Begawan with 90 soldiers and declared himself King.

The Khmer Empire was set up when a Brahmin (priest) from India married a Cambodian princess.

Read further here . . .

BREAKING NEWS! . . . Malayalee, 1st people in Malaya, came 40K years ago as Negrito.
Negrito, 1st people in India, came 70K years ago, still found in the mountains of Kerala.

BREAKING NEWS! . . . Definition of Malay in Constitution explained . . .

Malay Archipelago is about lingua franca only, NOT about mother tongue, anthropology, ethnicity, rumpun Melayu; culture, customs, traditions; DNA, religion, geographical origin or form of identity.

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